Competitions 2017 - 2018

St Andrews Rifle Club continues to be one of the most successful sports teams at university. Consistently placing at regional and national competitions makes us one of the top Rifle teams in Scotland, earning us a revered status throughout our athletic community




Upcoming Competition Dates:

                                         Match                                                                                                                     Date

  Aberdeen + Robert Gordon University Grand Prix                                   28th - 29th Oct 2017

                       Edinburgh Grand Prix                                                                       18th Nov 2017

                      St Andrews Grand Prix                                                                   3rd - 4th Feb 2018

                         Glasgow Grand Prix                                                                         24th Feb 2018

                              Perth Indoor                                                                                 10th Mar 2018

                          Outdoor and ISSF                                                                            24th Mar 2018

                        Previous Competitions 2013-2014                                             Result

                       Edinburgh GP November 2013 -                                                 2nd Place Team VIII

                        Aberdeen GP November 2013 -                                                    1st Place Team VIII

          St Andrews GP February 2014 -                            1st Place Team VIII, First Place Individual

                                                                                                   (Ian Brotherston), First Place Ladies III

                  Glasgow GP February 2014 -                                                         2nd Place Team VIII

                       Perth Indoor 

                       February 2014 -                                     1st Place Team VIII, 1st Place Individual

                                                                                         (Kathryn Williamson), 1st Place Team IV,

                                                                                                               1st Place Ladies III

Outdoor and ISSF Competition March 2014 -              2nd Place Team VIII, 1st Place Team IV,

                                                                                               1st Place Individual (Kathryn Williamson)

BUCS Outdoor April 2014 -                                 1st Place Ladies Individual (Kathryn Williamson),

                                                                                                                 3rd Place Ladies III

SSS Full-bore Championship (Blair Atholl) 2014-           1st Place Individual (Brian Kulik),

                                                                                                              Second Place Team IV

Edinburgh Grand Prix 2014-                                            1st Place Team II, 3rd Place Team IV,

                                                                                                                1st Place Ladies III         


Aberdeen University Grand Prix 2014-                   2nd Team IV, 3rd Team VIII, 1st Ladies III,

                                                                                                    1st Individual (Rory McAlpine)

Robert Gordon University Grand Prix  2014-                    2nd Team II, 3rd Team VIII,

                                                                                                                    1st Ladies III